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Ігумен монастиря о. Антоній Яремчук, ЧСВВ +38 097 866 18 38
Ігумен монастиря о. Антоній Яремчук, ЧСВВ +38 097 866 18 38

January 12, 2021

Dmitry and Julia

The year 1992 changed everything in our lives by 180 degrees. My illness brought my family back to the Almighty. In an instant we realized that everything is a fuss. They began to look at everything with different eyes, to understand different events differently than before my illness. I got to my feet at the age of 42 as a small child for the first time. I don’t know why and how, but every first Sunday of the month I walk from Frankivsk to my mother Pohinska with thanks and requests. Under the care of the Lord, the omophorion of the Blessed Virgin, in our lives we either endure joy or sorrow with dignity, because all graces and patience come from the Most High.

For a long time there were no children for daughters or daughters-in-law, but I firmly believed that the Blessed Virgin would bring our prayers to Jesus …

In August 2009, little Dmitry was born to daughters, and in January 2010 to daughters-in-law – Julia-Vasilina.

We thank to the Mother of God  for giving us such joy. In a year or two, I will definitely take my grandchildren to Chase and bow low with them at the foot of the Blessed Virgin for her grace and protection.

Happy grandfather.

Ivano-Frankivsk city